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The Solution-Oriented Way to Solve Problems

"There’s nothing wrong with you that what’s right with you won’t fix." —Baruch Shalem

Ask solution or exception questions
When there is a problem, being to build solutions by asking simple solution-evoking questions :
What has been working ?
Can you think of a time when you solved a situation like this ?
Can you remember a time when you would have expected the problem to occur but it didn’t ?

Use backwards ways of finding solutions or exceptions

Sometimes people will tell you or you will have the sense that there are no solution moments to draw upon. There still may be a way to find solutions. At these times, use “backwards” ways of finding solutions by asking questions like :
Why isn’t the problem worse ? How have you or someone kept it from being worse ?
Can you teach (or describe) how to create this problem if someone were going to learn to make it happen ?
Can you teach (or describe) how to make this problem situation worse ?
What happens as the problem start to subside or when things get a little better within the problem ?
What is the first sign you (or another person) can tell the problem is going away or subsiding ?

Use future methods of finding solutions

What if there are truly no moments of solution or exception that you can identify from the past ? No problem. Strangely, you can find solutions in the future, even though it hasn’t happened yet. Here are a few “future solution methods.” Scale the problem and the goal, then take small steps to move towards those goals
Where are you now on a scale of 1-10 or 1-100, the higher number being closer to where you want to be ?
What number will you rate yourself (or your department or your company) when you reach your goal or solve the problem ?
What would it take to increase your level by 1 point or more ?
Future solution visioning and working backwards to the present
Imagine a future in which the problem either isn’t happening or has been resolved.
What is happening in that future ?
Is there any action that you could take right now from that imagined future ?


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