"Chacun sait qu’il est plus difficile de transformer les paroles en actes que les actes en paroles."

Maxime Gorki

How to Get Something Done

I can speak from my years long field experiment on this subject. I used to procrastinate and avoid regularly. But I really longed to make a contribution to the world. When people ask me how I get so much writing done, I say, I just write. I don’t go to writing workshops ; don’t check my feelings to find out if I am inspired or feel like writing ; don’t wait until I have time enough to write, and so on. I have found it the same in many endeavors. I have lately taken up regular exercise after many years as a dedicated couch potato. I mostly don’t feel like exercising and I exercise. I like the result. Here are some hints and guidelines for getting things done. Nothing magic but it might help you or someone you know who has been frustrated or complaining about not getting something they say they want to happen.
"It’s amazing how long it takes to complete something you’re not working on." —R.D. Clyde

1. Get clear on what you want to do ; identify your passion, contribution or goal. Find one that is worth the effort.
2. Ignore any discouraging or pessimistic feelings or thoughts that stop you from doing what you need to do. Do not get in touch with or go with these unhelpful feelings. Do not attend to or act on the unhelpful thoughts.
3. Keep taking actions and noticing the responses you are getting from the world and others. Make adjustments based on what is working and not working.
4. Persists until you get the results or your goals or passions change. (But be careful of explaining your lack of results away by telling yourself or others you never really wanted the result in the first place.)
5. If you aren’t getting results on your own, model on others who have gotten results and/or get some coaching and support.


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